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Dear Readers and Friends, I tried and tried to paste the article about Susana Trimarcos being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  She is Argentine and has rescued hundreds of women used as sex slaves, while looking for her own daughter who was kidnapped and forced into prostitution years ago.  Every time I went to paste it, all the 1000’s of comments came right along with it.  Most of the comments were from women but there were also many men who were equally outraged at the abuse.

This is a very good example of the buried issues that fester in our world being brought into the light of day by the Saturn in Scorpio transit.  Look for more in the next couple years.  I hope this woman wins the Peace Prize and I hope you take some time to find the article on Yahoo and also ABC News.  There are women and children, boys and girls, forced to be sex slaves in many parts of the world today and this wound needs to be healed.  Susana Trimarcos took her own pain of never finding her daughter and made it count for goodness.  Bless her, Jenae


P.S. The verdict…http://news.yahoo.com/argentines-shocked-verdicts-sex-slave-trial-191140523.html

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