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Hello to all you dear friends and readers…Today’s topic is on many peoples’ minds, at least here in the USA.  The economy is weak and there’s fear and uncertainty about the future.  The US chart does show some stress but we’ll leave that for another post and just focus on individuals for now.  I wish I could tell you that there’s a set formula, a couple of cut and dried rules that would indicate employment in your astrology chart; it’s not that simple.  Every chart is unique and depending on the current transits in your chart, there are ways you can maximize your chances of finding a job that suits you.

Since today is LABOR DAY, let’s start by looking at the houses that are the usual indicators of employment.  The 6th house, the natural Virgo house, is the house of employment, is who you hire and who hires you.  This house is also co-workers and people who prefer middle management — the right hand helper to the boss.  Remember in mythology, Mercury was the scribe, the one who relayed messages and paperwork to others.  The 10th house, the natural Capricorn house, is career and authority figures — the boss, the Board, government, etc.   The 8th house, the natural Scorpio house, is often prominent when people work for large companies, big corporations. Transits to these 3 houses can be indicators of employment or changes on the job, especially if you have natal planets in those houses. For example, transiting Jupiter can signal a new opportunity. It also helps to understand the local business climate by looking at the transits to the chart of the state where you live.  For example, in Oregon, which is Aquarius, the strength of the economy is in small businesses that employ 25 people or less. Oregon is friendly to innovators and entrepreneurs.  Washington State, which is Scorpio, has much more economic strength in large corporations; examples would be Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks.  An easy way to gauge the economy where you live is check out the roads and how well they are maintained.  California, a Virgo state, is an economic nightmare at the moment, and the roads show it. The current transits are quite stressful to the State chart, no easy solution THIS year…

OK, back to individuals.  First you check out your natal and whether you have birth planets in these houses.  That will show you whether or not working is a key component of your sense of identity.  Then you look at your transits and see if any planets are going through these houses at this time.  Also look at your Ascendant — how you present yourself to the outside world — a planet transiting over your Ascendant and into your 1st house is often a sign of a change for the better.

My reader has Pluto currently transiting in Capricorn through her 6th house of employment, opposing natal Cancer planets.  This is a process, not an event, Pluto is a symbol of her doing a lot of soul-searching — who she works for, how she works, why she works, etc.  She is service oriented.  Transiting Saturn was squaring her Sun from the 3rd — she grew more and more uncomfortable with the style of communication from bosses — a lack of good manners, respect, etc. on the part of bosses to their employees had made the work climate deteriorate.  Jupiter entered Gemini in her 11th and when it conjoined her Venus in July, a dear friend told her about a new job opportunity.  This job seeker understood the value of working with her astrology transits and she waited until Mercury had resumed forward motion before contacting the potential new employer.  She had her 1st interview when Mercury went over her Ascendant and it went very well.  Her first day at the new job was scheduled for  the day Venus conjoins her Ascendant.  She is not done with her Pluto in the 6th house transit and she continues to think deeply about her long-term goals, but for now the current employment crisis is solved. The square from transiting Pluto to transiting Uranus in her 9th may mean that ultimately she will return to school.

Here’s another example from long ago — my client had natal Sun/Venus/North Node conjunct in his 6th in Sag.  He was very bright, more of a generalist than a specialist, good with all kinds of communications work and computers.  He had been laid off his old job when Pluto began conjoining his 6th house planets.  Being unemployed was very upsetting to him; with such a strong emphasis in his natal chart on employment this was totally understandable, plus with Cancer rising he valued security.  He needed a job!!  As Pluto slowly moved deeper into his 6th he faced many different crises — family, his health, and a lot of frustration in trying to find the right fit. After many interviews, he finally got a job with an employer that was very picky about hiring anyone.  He now has the security and benefits he had been seeking and he found this new job was more mentally stimulating than the old one, which was also important to him.  He still works with computers/communications/ and delivering info but he is much happier and has more creative freedom, too.

Here’s one more recent example — my client was starting her 1st Saturn return — that’s natal Saturn transiting over its natal position — we all have this one at roughly age 28-30.  She was broke, she was scared, and she realized she had to make choices that would last for a long time.  This is the “time to grow up transit” and it’s a serious time when we narrow down what is most important to us and make commitments.  Usually an older person will appear in our life at this time — the Saturn guide or mentor.  My client got a temp job with older women who gave her good guidance and advice.  She did her work, studied hard to learn more, used the Saturn qualities of focus  and perseverance to pass tests that would qualify her for permanent employment.  And when that opening eventually appeared, she got the job.  She had earned it.

I have noticed that with Pluto in Capricorn, a lot of peoples’ lives have been turned upside down by the current employment crisis.  I would like to point out that there are always opportunities out there, if you can be flexible and willing to re-invent yourself and have a good work ethic, you WILL find a job.  The Divine energy is a lot stronger than a mere mundane crisis.  But for sure, these times are a real test of our faith…

In my state, I live near a small town which is NOT in North Dakota, there are more than 30 ads in the paper for truck drivers and many of them are national companies who will even pay for your training, which takes approximately 6 weeks and costs somewhere between 6 and 10k.  You mutable signs (Gemini/Virgo/Sag/Pisces) who are restless anyway might consider this kind of job where there is such a need and you can make good money.  Once you have gained experience, it’s very possible to end up with a company that is local so you can be home more.  An example of this would be UPS — the men and women work hard and the company is strict but they are treated well — good pay and benefits.

If you’re still young and looking for education as a step toward better employment, consider computer training and health care — might as well be in tune with the trends of the times.  Older people should try making a list of their skills and think about unusual talents and /or hobbies that they could use in a job situation.  Try writing down a description of your ideal job — this is a metaphysical technique and it works, too.  Visualize yourself contentedly working each night as you go to sleep, allowing your unconscious mind to help guide you to the right opportunities.  And remember please, that you have the prayers  of a kind stranger who asks every day for all people to find the security and the jobs they so much need…Blessings, Jenae

P.S. Canning and clients for the next few days, back soon, comments and suggestions welcomed…

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